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Research: What is the Video Doctor all about?

Barbara Gerbert, PhD, Professor, University of California San Francisco, has pioneered the development and use of the innovative, interactive, multimedia “Video Doctor.”

What is the Video Doctor? The Video Doctor has successfully assessed patients’ risk behaviors, and has encouraged patients to reduce drinking, smoking, and risky sexual behaviors, and increase exercise and healthy eating. The Video Doctor simulates a real and ideal doctor-patient risk counseling conversation. Interactive video clips, using an actor-portrayed doctor, are matched to patients’ answers from assessment questions, allowing counseling that is individually tailored to each person. The Video Doctor also encourages the patient to continue discussion of risk reduction strategies with his/her real physician. Upon completion of the interaction between the Video Doctor and the patient, the program produces a one-page Provider Alert to be used by the provider during the medical appointment, offering a summary of the patient’s risk profile and readiness to change, as well as suggested counseling statements.

For more information, click here (narrative description).

For more information, click here (detailed description PDF).

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